How it works.

Your Foot Pain website Patient Package:

  • We provide you with a line of code to embed the tool in your own website.
  • Your Foot Pain has the same great user interface, but no medical information.
  • Share the link to your social media channels to increase engagement.
  • You provide web visitors and patients with a unique tool to find out the possible cause of their pain.
  • A Call to action on every page encourages visitors to book an appointment and can be linked to online booking portals.

Virtual Podiatrist website Referrer Support Package:

  • Meet and engage with your local referrers and provide them with a link and clickable icon to your branded Virtual Podiatrist website.
  • They have access to diagnostic tips for over 40 foot and ankle conditions, so they can look up a problem, diagnose and refer immediately while the patient is in the room.
  • Virtual Podiatrist provides your practice branded information handouts they can immediately print out or email to their patient.
  • Reliable, up-to-date and reputable medical information is provided to clinicians and is designed to ensure appropriate referral without delay.
  • The information will be updated by Virtual Podiatrist in line with current trends and research.
  • An invitation to use Virtual Podiatrist is a great way of sharing what you do, providing education based marketing to both your referrers and their patients.
  • You will be supported with a structured system to help develop a referral network for your practice.