Frequently Asked Questions

The websites are hosted on our secure servers, so all hosting and traffic fees are included.

We copy the colours and logos from your current website so that everything matches. The URL (web address) of the site will be or which appears to the user that they are still on your website. You may then add a link to your website which may be a button or an image.

If you do not have a website yet, you can use these sites with additional “about” and “blog”pages.

Virtual Podiatrist is intended for referrers and other medical colleagues. You should invite them to use this website by giving them the URL.

Your Foot Pain is intended for use by patients and people seeking information about foot pain. You should install a link to this page on your existing website.

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex area which requires regular and dedicated work. We add basic keyword information about location, conditions and podiatry.

Having more than one podiatrist’s link is especially useful in raising the profile of Podiatry in your area, and makes podiatry the first choice for foot and ankle pain. We will supply you with details of any other practice in your local area that has taken up Virtual Podiatrist and Your Foot Pain.